Woman drowns while out swimming in Dhidhdhoo island

Haa Alif atoll Dhidhdhoo island.

Haa Alif atoll Dhidhdhoo island.

A woman drowned in the island of Dhidhdhoo in Haa Alif atoll while out swimming early Monday.

According to Dhidhdhoo Island Council, Naseema Abdulla, 55, had been out swimming for exercise with some friends in the newly excavated lagoon of the island around 6:30 a.m.

A capable swimmer, Naseema had occasionally suffered from epilepsy in the past though it remains unclear if that was the cause of her drowning.

Councillor Ismail Naseer elaborated that Naseema had gone swimming this time after a considerable break from the exercise.

“[Her friends] realised they suddenly couldn’t see her anymore in the sea with them and they searched and found she had drowned. When they couldn’t float her, they called over some men on the beach to rescue her.”

The councillor stated that Naseema had still been breathing when taken to the island’s health centre but passed away during treatment.

She is succeeded by a child and three grandchildren.

A young woman had also drowned recently in the island of Neykurandhoo in Haa Dhaal atoll.

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