“UK not the place to find answers to Maldives’ problems”

Home Minister Azleen Ahmed speaks at launching ceremony of Rahmathul Ameen campaign. PHOTO/ISLAMIC MINISTRY

Home Minister Azleen Ahmed speaks at launching ceremony of Rahmathul Amaan campaign. PHOTO/ISLAMIC MINISTRY

The United Kingdom is not the place to seek answers to the problems of the Maldives, declared Minister of Home Affairs Azleen Ahmed on Thursday.

Speaking at the launching ceremony of “Rahmathul Amaan” campaign spearheaded jointly by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Maldives Police Service, the minister said he was saddened by the fact that a former president and vice president of the island nation have shifted to another country and are now seeking its aid.

The Home Minister was referring to Former President Mohamed Nasheed and impeached Former Vice President Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, who are both living in the United Kingdom under political asylum. Former President Nasheed, who is sentenced to 13 years in jail on terrorism charges for the arbitrary detention of a judge during his administration, left for the UK last year January for medical treatment and has since not returned.

Minister Azleen declared that it is unacceptable for distinguished members of society that have held top positions of the government to spread deceitful talks of the nation to other countries.

“There are no solutions in the United Kingdom for the problems we face today. The candidate running for the presidential elections is doing so from the UK; the one impeached after a motion of no-confidence from the parliament is in the UK; the one who was jailed and granted permission [to go abroad] for medical treatment fled to the UK,” said Azleen as he criticised the two political figures that are living in self-exile in the United Kingdom.

He went on to say that people who commit immoral acts all appear to seek foreign aid subsequently, but they will not find them to be sympathisers of a Muslim nation.

“Anyone that seems to fear the prospect of having to answer to his own crimes flees to the UK. What’s the message here? That the one who helps every unscrupulous person is the west. While the people of Maldives live by Islamic principles and face problems of the Islamic community, David Cameron [former British Prime Minister] is not the best suited to speak of these things. It is not the people of UK who can seek these solutions. There are proficient [Islamic] scholars in the Maldives.”

The minister added that the Maldives’ status as a hundred percent Muslim country rubs certain people the wrong way. However, he vowed that the nation will not give anyone the chance to overturn its ways. Recalling certain incidents in the Maldives’ history where its peace was disrupted by traitors that fell to the seductions of foreign entities, Minister Azleen proclaimed that it will never happen again.

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