Two men threaten, rob residents of guesthouse in Maldives capital

Police taking a man under custody. PHOTO/POLICE

Police taking a man under custody. PHOTO/POLICE

Two men threatened and robbed two people living in a guesthouse in capital Male in the early hours of Thursday.

The two thieves were young men donning wigs to hide their identities, according to one of the victims. They forced their way inside the guesthouse in Maafannu ward around 3:30 a.m. on June 8, when one of the residents opened the outer gate of the house to leave.

One of the two victims was Meesam Abbas, formerly a children’s television show presenter and the spokesperson of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

Meesam, who lives alone, narrated to Mihaaru that the thieves apprehended one of the other residents who was on his way out of the guesthouse and forced him back inside. As Meesam had had his light on in his room, they had also knocked loudly on his door, threatening to break in and kill him unless he stepped out.

According to Meesam, one of the burglars forced him into the sitting room where the second thief was holding a cutter at the throat of the resident they first caught.

“They wanted everything we had. When the [other] young man refused, they said, don’t you see the [cutters] we’re carrying, we’ll kill you,” narrated Meesam.

“I told the boy to just give up his things if he didn’t want to die,” he said, adding that the other victim had been crying with fear.

The two thieves took both of their smartphones, along with the other victim’s wallet and Meesam’s laptop, before they escaped the guesthouse. Meesam said that as soon as they were gone, he had hurried to a relative’s place and reported the theft to Police.

Meesam said that Police had shown him a headshot of a thief that was caught attempting to break into a house with a cutter earlier this Ramadan. While the man in the headshot had looked similar to one of the thieves that threatened Meesam and the other resident, Meesam cited the police that the thief had been released two days prior.

Meanwhile, Police have confirmed that they are probing a case of men threatening and robbing residents of a guesthouse.

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