Power outage in Narudhoo island after powerhouse fire

Satellite view of Sh. Narudhoo.

Satellite image of Sh. Narudhoo.

A fire broke out in the powerhouse of Shaviyani atoll Narudhoo island on Monday resulting in an island-wide power outage.

According to the vice president of Narudhoo Island Council, Abdulla Azmee, the fire has been brought under control but the extent of damage has not been assessed yet.

The council confirmed that the powerhouse fire has caused power outage across the island but it remains unclear whether anyone was injured in the incident.

Police spokesperson said that they received report of the fire around noon on Monday and that a Police team is currently en route to the island.

Narudhoo’s powerhouse is operated by Fenaka Corporation. According to the island council, one of the powerhouse’s two generators was slightly faulty.

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