Police on manhunt for 34 suspects in gang violence

Blood on the ground after a young man was stabbed

Blood on the ground after a young man was stabbed

Maldives Police Service have launched a major manhunt for 34 suspects in connection to the recent string of gang violence in capital Male.

There have been five attacks over the past fortnight in which two young men were killed. Police announced last Tuesday that 23 people have been arrested over gang violence incidents that took place before the murders.

While Police confirmed the manhunt on Thursday, they are yet to release further details or photographs of the suspects. Police stated that more information will be disclosed in time.

Meanwhile, Police and the government are have come under fire for failing to prevent gang violence. Police are also facing heavy criticism over the lack of arrests concerning the two young men that were killed within a span of just five days.

Police have since released a statement assuring that the institution is giving special priority to the two cases and are searching for the perpetrators.

Minister of Home Affairs Azleen Ahmed also declared in a press conference late Tuesday that the government is working incessantly to control and halt gang violence in Male.

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  1. These people don’t work and live on the “Remittance tax” paid by foreigners. We must decrease the number of expats and push our people to work instead of roaming the streets, going to coffees and fight others gangs.
    Stop the influx of foreigners and we will live in a more peaceful society.

  2. Police are just say it to cover up public criticism on them
    Still Maldives police are chasing politician under yameen order

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