Man carrying 0.5 kg of heroin arrested at main airport

half a kilo drugs attempted to be brought to Maldives by a Maldivian PHOTO:Customs

Two packets of heroin weighing half a kilogram which a Maldivian tried to smuggle into the country. PHOTO:Customs

A Maldivian who arrived from Dubai has been arrested with over half a kilogram of heroin.

Maldives Customs Services reported early Thursday that a 25-year-old man was arrested upon arrival on April 19. He was carrying two drug packets which tested positive for heroin.

Customs have handed over the man and the two packets weighing 578 grams to Maldives Police Service.

Within the last year, Customs seized over 57 kilograms of drugs and 20,000 alcohol bottles which were illegally smuggled into the country.

Customs have also launched a surveillance unit, and installed cameras at various places of the arrival terminal and body scanner machines.

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