Maldives looks to mandate 50 percent locals in top resort posts

Shangri La Resort.

Shangri La Resort.

An amendment to the Tourism Act has been submitted to stipulate that 50 percent of management positions at resorts and tourist hotels must be offered to Maldivians.

The amendment was submitted to the parliament by Kaashidhoo MP Faisal Naseem, who had filled senior positions at some resorts of local firm Villa Hotels and Resorts. According to the amendment proposed for Clause 34 of the Tourism Act, the management positions of newly opened resorts and hotels must meet with this specified condition within five years of their opening.

Resorts and hotels currently in operation must also conform to this condition within five years after the amendment comes into effect.

The amendment further states that the tourism ministry must determine the actions to be taken against violators within six months of its implementation.

Faisal’s amendment also calls for immediate effect following ratification.

The Tourism Act currently states that 45 percent of resort workforce must be local, though complaints of most resorts refusing to comply with this law are incessant across the nation

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