Maldives’ foreign policy given up to Saudi, China: Nasheed

President Yameen handshaking with King Salman in Saudi Arabia

President Yameen shakes hands with King Salman in Saudi Arabia

Convicted former President Mohamed Nasheed proclaimed that though the Maldives is celebrating its 52nd Independence Day on Wednesday, President Abdulla Yameen has given it up along with the nation’s foreign policy to the control of Saudi Arabia and China.

Nasheed made the remark in a tweet he posted Wednesday, proclaiming that the people of the Maldives will emerge successful nonetheless.

President Yameen has been sharing the closest relations with China and Saudi Arabia since the beginning of his term. Notably, the largest and one of the most expensive development projects being conducted in the Maldives, the landmark bridge connecting capital Male with airport island Hulhule, is being developed with the great aid of China.

While this government also holds the title of being the first to bring a Chinese President to the Maldives, an official visit of Saudi Arabia’s reigning monarch was also recently scheduled before it was called off later.

Furthermore, the Arab kingdom has shown keen interest in developing Faafu atoll. However, in the midst of great political turmoil and public objections, the project’s future remains undecided.

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  1. Hehehe, ok bro u come to Malé and give to India and EU, this is what u want, we are a small country with very limited fools. We would like to be with Asians and Middle east cos this where money is. U can go and play drama in EU. Peace bro.

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