Maldives appeals acquittal of Jumhoory Party deputy

MP Abdulla Riyaz outside Court after his sentence hearing

MP Abdulla Riyaz outside Criminal Court after his sentence hearing

The state on Tuesday appealed the verdict of the Criminal Court which acquitted Jumhoory Party’s deputy leader Abdulla Riyaz of obstructing law enforcement officers in an investigation.

Riyaz, who is also the lawmaker of Kinbidhoo constituency and former Police Commissioner, was charged with obstructing law enforcement officer for refusing to give up his mobile phone to a policeman with a court order last March.

The Prosecutor General has confirmed that the case was appealed last Sunday.

If Riyaz is found guilty of the charge, he would face a sentence of four months and 24 days in jail but would not lose his seat at Parliament. However, he would not be able to attend Parliament sitting for the duration of his sentence.

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