Ensis to develop new apartment complex in Hulhumale

The apartment complex being developed by ENSIS in Hulhumale.

The apartment complex being developed by ENSIS in Hulhumale.

The project to develop a mixed-use residential complex featuring 94 apartments at reclaimed suburb Hulhulmale’s water front area was awarded to Ensis Fisheries Pvt Ltd.

Housing Development Corporation (HDC)’s managing director Mohamed Saiman signed the agreement while Ensis Fisheries was represented by its managing director Mohamed Waseem.

According to Ensis Fisheries, the sea-view apartment complex will be developed in the vicinity of State Trading Organisation (STO)’s City Hotel. The residential complex will feature 45 three bedroom apartments, 26 two bedroom apartments, 13 one-bedroom apartments and 10 penthouses. The three- and two-bedroom apartments will also feature a maid room, added Ensis.

The company elaborated that the complex will also have other facilities including a swimming pool, kids’ pool, Jacuzzi pool, health club and a basement parking area. Furthermore, the complex will also feature commercial stores, convention hall, meeting room and other facilities.

This is the second apartment complex project to be developed in Hulhumale by Ensis Fisheries, which had previously constructed Saima Residences, a complex comprising of 10 apartments.

Ensis Fisheries is also offering online pre-booking services for the new apartment complex at www.nirutha.com.

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  1. Guess what? All the apartment units of the Apollo Towers were booked before 2 pm today. The funny thing is in order to book you six months account statement, employment letter, and 50,000 rufiyaa. Apollo Towers did not get a single coin did not have any of the requirements met for the apartments booked. when people went with proper applications including the fee. the staff said all have been booked through directors and friends. the office was not even ready to receive an application? isnt this a joke? how you business today? can they be trusted?

  2. will Ensis do the same? Just thinking

  3. we need booking 3 room one appartment

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