Dhiraagu, Ooredoo internet under DDoS attack

A person shows off Facebook on their phone.

A person shows off Facebook on their phone.

The reason for recurring slow speeds and interruption to internet connection nowadays is DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, announced telecom giants Dhiraagu and Ooredoo late Saturday.

In a joint statement, the two largest network operators in the Maldives stated that both companies have been impacted by DDoS attacks lately. While the two firms assured that they have taken security actions to prevent attacks, they warned customers of possible hindrances to services that require internet connection.

“Hence, Ooredoo and Dhiraagu are working to fortify the systems of both companies and take more steps to protect against such attacks in collaboration with authorities,” read the statement.

There have been a string of interferences to both ADSL and Mobile Internet services lately including significant drop in internet speeds and frequent interruptions to connection.

The DDoS attacks against local operators came amidst similar difficulties faced by Internet service providers across the world. Major websites had been down a couple of weeks earlier due to severe DDoS attacks.

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