Court to issue verdict of Raajje TV’s CEO on Thurs

CEO of Raajje TV Hussain Fiyaz

CEO of Raajje TV Hussain Fiyaz

The Criminal Court has scheduled the sentence hearing of local television channel Raajje TV’s CEO Hussain Fiyaz for this Thursday.

Fiyaz, was caught trespassing on Maafannu Stadium which the police had closed off in November 2015 to defuse an explosive device discovered near the presidential palace of Muliaage, is accused of battery under Section 120 of the Penal Code for allegedly striking a law enforcement officer.

While both sides have presented their closing statements at court in Monday’s hearing, the sentence hearing is scheduled for coming Thursday.

If Fiyaz is proven guilty, he could be sentenced to a month and six days in jail. However, there is possibility of a more strict or lenient sentence as well.

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